Top Floor Staffer to U.S. House Speakers Ryan and Boehner Joins Roberti Global: Irizarry Klein Roberti

Washington, DC: On June 5, 2017,  bipartisan lobby firm, Roberti Global: Irizarry Klein Roberti, announced the addition of a new Republican partner, Lydia Calio Strunk.  Lydia joins the boutique lobby shop fresh from the Office of the Speaker of the House as Deputy Floor Director.  Lydia served on the House Floor staff for Speakers Paul Ryan (R-WI) and John Boehner (R-OH) and worked for the House Rules Committee under Chairman David Dreier (R-CA). 

On her last day working on the House floor, Speaker Ryan and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) paid tribute to Lydia and her family. The link to that C-SPAN tribute clip can be found here. Two standout portions from those tributes are below:

“Lydia’s quiet dedication to the people’s House comes through in almost everything that she does; and because she does her job so well, almost no one ever notices. Think about it. If you ever wondered how a joint meeting with a foreign leader or a State of the Union goes off without a hitch, it is because of Lydia’s doing.  This whole House is in her debt.”- House Speaker Paul D. Ryan 

“Lydia’s responsibility really is institutional–not partisan, but institutional–and she has performed that in the best traditions of the best of this House. It is a testament to Lydia’s skill and professionalism that she has earned the respect not only of her own colleagues on the Republican side, but also those who work on my staff and the Democratic leader’s staff on this side of the aisle.”House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer

“Lydia has been steeped in the legislative and political process from her start in Washington and her experience will be a tremendous asset to all of our clients,” said Steve Irizarry, Managing Partner.

Lydia Calio Strunk – “I am honored to join a bipartisan firm with such a strong reputation. I look forward to working on behalf of our current and future clients.”

Managing Partner, Izzy Klein, added, “Lydia is a tested and talented master of process and politics.  There is no one with stronger ties to the House Republican leadership and members, who also enjoys the respect of Democrats.”

Prior to working for two Speakers of the House, Lydia cut her teeth in the House Cloakroom and the Rules Committee helping members understand parliamentary procedure, setting rules for floor debate, and managing the overall legislative sessions.  As the Speaker’s Deputy Floor Director, she managed the institutional floor duties and coordinated and planned joint meetings of Congress and State of the Union addresses. 

Lydia grew up in Washington, D.C., attended Georgetown Visitation High School and graduated from Gettysburg College. She lives in Chevy Chase, MD with her husband, Jeff, and 2 children.

Top GOP Operative, Drew Cole, Joins Roberti Global

Washington, DC – On April 24, 2017, the managing partners at Roberti Global: Irizarry Klein Roberti, announced the addition of a top Republican lobbyist, Drew Cole, as a Partner.  Drew has deep experience advocating for dozens of companies, trade associations, and non-profits with GOP Republicans and the current and previous Republican administrations. Drew comes to our firm with serious public policy wins under his belt and a strong drive to expand our client base and continue putting wins on the board.

“Drew is a proven advocate and an outstanding individual, and he will be an excellent addition to our boutique, bipartisan government relations and public policy firm,” said Managing Partner, Izzy Klein. “Drew exemplifies our firm’s personal and professional service- and embodies the experience, creativity, and results that we provide our clients.”

Drew Cole — “I am excited to join Vin, Steve, and Izzy. I look forward to providing value to their impressive book of business, while we also grow the firm.”

Managing Partner, Steve Irizarry, added, “Drew is a multi-talented, sharp, and versatile political player, with an exemplary reputation on Capitol Hill. We are excited to have him as part of our team as we continue to grow to meet the needs of our clients.

Drew has been managing and developing lobbying clients inside the Beltway for over a dozen years and has helped several organizations tackle big public policy fights.  His achievements are for clients across sectors and issues areas.  For instance:

  • Working with a major independent grocery chain, Drew helped develop and implement a strategy to protect SNAP funding in the 2014 Farm Bill to reduce the potential negative impact on the company’s revenue.
  • Representing the leading theater trade association, he led the fight for theaters to achieve tax parity in expensing operating budgets in the same calendar year, putting theaters on the same plane as the movie and television industries.
  • Drew was instrumental in the passage of the Kline-Miller Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014, enabling struggling multiemployer pension plans to petition the Department of Treasury to reduce benefits to keep plans solvent. This benefited a large trucking company he represented and helped it avert likely bankruptcy.  

Drew is also an avid golfer (he’s due for a hole in one) and enjoys deep-sea and fly-fishing, bird hunting and other outdoor sports.   He lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and young son.

Senate and Committee Leadership Positions for the Next Congress

The election on November 8th will set in motion numerous changes in Washington, especially for the next Congress.  The chart linked below identifies which Senators could occupy leadership posts and committee chairs or ranking member slots. There are many moving pieces, but we make two assumptions, which are not guaranteed: first, we assume that incumbent Senators will win re-election; and second, that sitting Senators will not serve in the next presidential administration.  Poking holes in either assumption isn’t hard given the tightness of many Senate races and the possibility that an incoming president may tap a Senator to serve in her/his cabinet. This chart will be updated as events unfold.

115th Congress Senate Predictions


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