Senate and Committee Leadership Positions for the Next Congress

The election on November 8th will set in motion numerous changes in Washington, especially for the next Congress.  The chart linked below identifies which Senators could occupy leadership posts and committee chairs or ranking member slots. There are many moving pieces, but we make two assumptions, which are not guaranteed: first, we assume that incumbent Senators will win re-election; and second, that sitting Senators will not serve in the next presidential administration.  Poking holes in either assumption isn’t hard given the tightness of many Senate races and the possibility that an incoming president may tap a Senator to serve in her/his cabinet. This chart will be updated as events unfold.

115th Congress Senate Predictions


Vin Roberti Hosts Intimate Dinner with Senator Tim Kaine & John Podesta – Politico Playbook

“ABOUT LAST NIGHT — Vin and Amy Roberti and Elizabeth and Dale Hemmerdinger raised nearly $1 million for the Clinton campaign at a small fundraiser at their New York homes on Central Park South Thursday night. Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud with John Podesta were the guest chefs and Tim Kaine was the guest of honor. Kaine came with longtime top aides, Mike Henry and Jennifer Bloom. SPOTTED: Steven Howard Collis, James Clearly, Cathy Martine-Dolecki, Craig Phillips, Tony Podesta, Bruce Mosler and Izzy Klein.”

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Roberti Global at the Democratic National Convention – Politico Influence

“Vin and Amy Roberti, Izzy Klein, Ambassador Vladimir Petrovic and Ashley O’Sullivan’s “midnight breakfast” at the Academy of Music lasted until 3:30 a.m. with breakfast sliders, lots of drinks, and live opera singing by Michael DeVito. Spotted Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, chair of the DGA; Reps. Jackie Speier, Rick Larsen, Elizabeth Esty; Sen. Bob Casey and his wife; Won-Kyong Kim, Jennifer Cetta, and Scott Thompson of Samsung; Rita Norton and AmeriSourceBergen team; Franck Journoud and Allie O’Brien at Oracle; Allen Huffman at ICI; Tony Podesta, Gwen Mellor and Kathryn Hollister from Podesta Group; Dan Turton and the GM team; Scott Shallet, Emily Beizer, and Nan Gibson at JPMorgan; Dan Muroff; Paul Nash, Derron Parks; Jeff and Kristen Duncan; Thad Inge; Jonathan and Darcy Krause; Tom Glassic with PCIAA; Katherine Monge; Lauren Bazel; Staffers for Sens. Bob Casey and Ed Markey, Reps. Adam Smith and Nancy Pelosi; and a Trumpiñata.”

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