Roberti Global at the Democratic National Convention – Politico Influence

“Vin and Amy Roberti, Izzy Klein, Ambassador Vladimir Petrovic and Ashley O’Sullivan’s “midnight breakfast” at the Academy of Music lasted until 3:30 a.m. with breakfast sliders, lots of drinks, and live opera singing by Michael DeVito. Spotted Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, chair of the DGA; Reps. Jackie Speier, Rick Larsen, Elizabeth Esty; Sen. Bob Casey and his wife; Won-Kyong Kim, Jennifer Cetta, and Scott Thompson of Samsung; Rita Norton and AmeriSourceBergen team; Franck Journoud and Allie O’Brien at Oracle; Allen Huffman at ICI; Tony Podesta, Gwen Mellor and Kathryn Hollister from Podesta Group; Dan Turton and the GM team; Scott Shallet, Emily Beizer, and Nan Gibson at JPMorgan; Dan Muroff; Paul Nash, Derron Parks; Jeff and Kristen Duncan; Thad Inge; Jonathan and Darcy Krause; Tom Glassic with PCIAA; Katherine Monge; Lauren Bazel; Staffers for Sens. Bob Casey and Ed Markey, Reps. Adam Smith and Nancy Pelosi; and a TrumpiƱata.”

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